What do we offer?

You may wonder what do we offer. To put it simply, we offer translation from English to Polish (albo w drugą stronę). Well… It came to our attention that translations are context sensitive. Not shocking, but it render automated translations useless in most cases and we see a rising tide of games translated to Polish by automated means. Those translations are trash and subtract from the game. That’s why we offer you professional video game translations. They are context-based, video game specific and done by hand, no automation, no Google Translate.

  • Context-based translation
  • No automated translation
  • Video game specific language

What do we need?

Not much really. All we need to make you happy is a translation file of your choosing, a copy of the game for either PC or Xbox, and font style that supports Polish characters (ą, ę, ł, ó, ż, ź, ć, ś). We’ll take care of the rest.

What did we work on before?

How to get in touch?

Send us a message via contact form below or email me directly